College of Postgraduate Studies

History of the College

Postgraduate Education started in the University in 1986 with the introduction of Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s degree in (Guidance and Counselling) in the Faculty of Education. Currently, there are Postgraduate programmes in all the faculties of the University.

Initially, the Postgraduate programmes were managed by the faculties. The functions being currently exercised by the Board of the College of Postgraduate Studies were originally handled by the various Boards of the faculties. It was in December, 1996 that the first Board of Postgraduate Studies was inaugurated and the Board functioned subsequently for two years. By 1999, the Board was upgraded to a school of Postgraduate Studies and a Dean was appointed for the School with a mandate to co-ordinate all Postgraduate activities in the University within the existing rules approved by Senate.

Senate of the University at its 213th meeting held on 29th January, 2014 saw the need for the restructuring of the School of Postgraduate Studies and subsequently directed the setting up of a Committee on the matter.

The Committee found out that there is a lot to be said in favour of the high quality Postgraduate Education being run in the University.

Overtime, the rules have been modified, revised and updated. The School had been re-named as College of Postgraduate Studies and a Provost is now being elected for the College instead of being appointed.

The College of Postgraduate Studies is made up of three important elements namely the Board of the College, the Faculty Postgraduate Committees and the Departmental Postgraduate Committees all of which are under the superintendence of the Provost, College of Postgraduate Studies.